The Glitter Eye — Makeup Trend

Eye Glitter - Makeup & Photography by Jean Sweet

Eye Glitter — Makeup by Jean Sweet | Photography & Hair: Jean Sweet

Trend: Glittery Eyes
As an avid fan of American Idol, I loved to see  Jennifer Lopez’s makeup each week.  I noticed that she wore plenty of glitter on many of those nights! On the fashion scene, Christian Dior featured an urban futuristic glittery eye makeup look on the runway for Fall 2014. So I decided to go on the prowl looking for eye shadow with maximum glitter.  This is my version of a glitter eye makeup look —  a cat eye shape winged out on the sides for a touch of the exotic.  With the strong eye statement, I balanced the look with natural base and soft lip color.

To find a product that could deliver maximum glitter without getting too messy I found the “Holographic Lit Kit” at Sephora. To achieve  highly concentrated glitter the kit contains two products — Clearly Liquid Glitter Base and the Holographic glitter — the actual metallic glitter flecks. The base is a gel which makes the loose glitter hold tight to the eye lid.

Before adding the glitter to the eye lid area, I applied a deep blue shadow as a base color. Next — to apply the glitter, I had to do some experimenting to come up with the technique to get the desired result without getting “spots” where the glitter didn’t stick to the eye. I found out that if I put a small pool of the glitter base on the back of my hand and then pour some of the glitter out of the jar I could get a high concentration of the base-glitter mixture ready. I then took a small eye makeup brush, dabbed up enough of the glitter concoction and then used a patting motion to apply the product, dipping several times from the back of my hand to the eye lid area until I got a solid glittery look. Hint: don’t try to brush the glitter across the eye like a normal shadow or the glitter just comes off on the brush.

The glittery cat eye look - Makeup and Photography by Jean Sweet

The glittery cat eye look. Makeup & Photography: Jean Sweet

The final look! Glitter on the lid — cat eye style. Note: I applied false eyelashes and deep blue eye shadow around the edge of the eye before the application of glitter. I did not apply glitter under the eye — keeping the emphasis on the lid!
–Jean Sweet

Sherri Jessee — Nominated for NAHA Editorial Hairstylist — Photographed by Jean Sweet

Editorial Hair and Makeup by Sherri Jessee - Nominated for 2014 NAHA Editorial Hairstylist | Photography: Jean Sweet | Wardrobe Styling: Jennifer Lynn

Editorial, “Celestial Cheveux”, Dark Beauty Magazine –Sherri Jessee NAHA Finalist 2014

Sherri Jessee is an internationally renowned hair and makeup artist, whose work is published in hundreds of magazines spanning 6 continents. Sherri is a 2014 NAHA Editorial Finalist with her editorial “Celestial Cheveux”, published in Dark Beauty Magazine, Issue 25. Jean Sweet photographed the hair styling collection — a beautiful theme of angels against the celestial sky. Sherri designed wigs for the hairstyling and constructed angel wings made entirely from hair. The pastel blonde wigs, white faces and strong red lips were complimented with fashion wardrobe styling by Jennifer Lynn. Makeup and Hair by Sherri Jessee. View Modern Salon Magazine’s slideshow of the editorial series photographed by Jean Sweet with Hair, Makeup and Art Direction by Sherri Jessee.

Bold Hairstyling — 1960’s Style

Bold 60's Hair: Photography and Hair by Jean Sweet, Makeup by Jessica Sawicki
Photography & Hair: Jean Sweet, Makeup: Jessica Sawicki for Artizen® USA.

The 1960’s was a time of incredible fashion and memorable hairstyles. Jean Sweet creates these two “updos” in the 1960’s tradition of good technique combined with a generous amount of hairspray. These two photographs are from a collection for Artizen®, featuring Professional Digital Flat Irons With Surround Heating®. Editorial featuring two images from the collection published in Launchpad Magazine, March 2014.

IMAGES :TECHNICAL STEPS: Blonde Updo (top left image)
Hairstyling and Photography by Jean Sweet For Artizen USA
Written Technical Steps (Blonde Updo):
1 — Set the hair with Artizen® Dolphin Iron, using a technique to curl the hair. Link to youtube video demonstrating the technique to curl hair with the Dolphin Flat Iron. 2-Backcomb the hair in sections. 3– Add clip-on extensions to add fullness to the style. 4– Pin a large oval “form” underneath the hair sections at the nape of the neck. 5– Smooth over some of the hair to cover the form and pin underneath. 6-Begin to smooth over the front and top of the hair. 7– Gather the hair towards the back and pin in place. 8– Finish the hairstyle with various swirled pieces that are pinned into place.

IMAGES:TECHNICAL STEPS — Brunette Updo (Right Image Above)
Hairstyling and Photography by Jean Sweet For Artizen USA
Written Technical Steps (Brunette Updo):
1– Curl the hair using the Artizen® Dolphin Iron. (link to video demonstration using the Dolphin iron.) 2-After each curl is formed with the iron, roll up and place a clip while curling the rest of the hair in sections. 3-Prepare clip-on hair extensions by curling the hair with the Artizen® Dolphin iron. 4– Backcomb the hair in sections — adding clip-on hair in between the sections where more fullness is needed. 5-Pull up the top hair and place a large oval form at the crown and pin in place. 6– Begin to smooth hair over the form, leaving out the front top and side sections. 7– Smooth the back hair up over the form. 8– Add clip-on extensions in various places and form curls. Smooth the top and sides down over the ears and pin in place behind the ears.
Jean Sweet is the editorial director for Artizen USA. Link to Artizen web site.

Makeup & Hair Tutorial : “From Peekaboo To Victory Roll” Inspired by Veronica Lake

Photography - Jean Sweet, Hair-Jean Sweet, Makeup- Jessica Sawicki, Bomber Betty Custom Cosmetics

Image from Makeup & Hair Tutorial on Jean Sweet Photography YouTube Channel:
“From Peekaboo To Victory Roll”
- Inspired by Veronica Lake

Watch Makeup & Hair Tutorial
“From Peekaboo To Victory Roll“
Inspired by Veronica Lake
Link To YouTube Video

Makeup Tutorial Instructed by:
Jessica Sawicki
Bomber Betty Custom Cosmetics
Hairstyling Tutorial by:
Jean Sweet

Jean Sweet and Jessica Sawicki created a great tutorial on how to do a 1940’s makeup look and two hairstyles inspired by Veronica Lake during World War II: Peekaboo and Victory Roll. The video starts out with a vintage US News Review clip with Veronica Lake demonstrating safe hairstyles for women working in the wartime factories. Veronica Lake’s famous peekaboo hairstyle had a side part with long flowing waves covering one side of her face. The “rolled” updo hairstyle was pinned up and away from the face which was the safe hairstyle around machines in the factories. Watch the video and learn how to do a classic 1940s makeup and hair look!

Living The Retro Bob For Great Personal Style

Jezabel Bob / Photography: Jean Sweet \ Hair & Makeup: Antje Kastner

Portrait of Jezabel. Photography: Jean Sweet
         Hair & Makeup: Antje Kastner

Post by Jean Sweet

Carrie Mulligan may have had her hair styled in the classic 1920s bob temporarily for the movie, Great Gatsby, but Jezabel defines her personal style by living the retro looks every day. Jezabel is a young hairstylist with a great sense of personal style.  Currently, her hairstyle is a classic bob which suits her face shape and her love of vintage fashion.

I met Jezabel at a hair styling seminar I was teaching in Chicago and I was captivated by her charming personality and unique look. So I asked if I could photograph her portrait. Antje Kastner, owner of Antje Kastner’s Studio located in Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, maintains Jezabel’s haircut and color. I invited Antje to come with Jezabel to my studio to style her hair and makeup. Jezabel brought her personal clothing for the portrait. I truely enjoyed photographing Jezabel. In black and white, she looks like a movie star from the 20s.….in color she looks like a woman with a  fashionable hair cut and color.

Antje Kastner styling Jezabel's Hair. Photography:Jean Sweet

Antje Kastner styling Jezabel’s hair during photo session. Photography: Jean Sweet

Vintage inspired hairstyling is a specialty of Antje Kastner, who just happens work in her studio location right next to Viva Vintage Clothing.

The bob haircut with a square bang well above the eyebrows provides a spectacular frame for Jezabel’s face. Her chosen makeup look of defined eyebrows, thick lashes, black eyeliner, red lips and nails defined the hollywood classic makeup look for many years — and still speaks “fashion” for today! More young women should take a hint from Jezabel about creating a personal style.

Classic Beauty Makeup Always Popular For Red Carpet

Photography:Jean Sweet, Makeup: James Burns, Hair: Jean Sweet / Ariel Griglin

Photography : Jean Sweet, Makeup: James Burns              
Hair: Jean Sweet / Ariel Griglin

One of the most popular hairstyles on any Red Carpet in the past few years has been the look of long flowing waves. Jean Sweet, photographer / hairstylist and James Burns, makeup artist, created these images inspired by the classic beauty of Veronica Lake, Hollywood star from the forties who made waves extremely popular.

For the modern version Jean, assisted by young hairstylist, Ariel Griglin, set the hair using a 1″ Enzo Milano clipless curling iron for the top and sides and electric rollers for the back of the hair. After the hair is set was cooled off, the hair was brushed out and a small amount of Keihl’s Silk Creme was added to for shine and to smooth down the hair cuticle.

Jean Sweet (left) and Ariel Griglin (right) setting the model's hair with curling iron and electric rollers.

Jean Sweet (left) and Ariel Griglin (right) setting the model’s hair with curling iron and electric rollers.

Next the hair was molded into waves. To deepen the wave ridge, large clips were used to keep the hair in place while the hairspray was applied for hold. The wavy hair look is accomplished  best with hair that is one length but can also be done on hair with long layers around the face. If the hair contains too many layers, the set will create curls instead of waves. Hair cut to the shoulder is the optimal length for a “Veronica Lake” hairstyle, but the look can be accomplished on longer hair as well.

The makeup look created by James Burns is a modern take on the classic forties makeup of sculpted eyebrows, soft shadows, red lips and full lashes.

Photography: Jean Sweet, Makeup: James Burns Hair: Jean Sweet and Ariel Griglin

Photography: Jean Sweet, Makeup: James Burns
Hair: Jean Sweet and Ariel Griglin

For the eyes, James used a soft gold shadow on the lower lid blending out to skin color under the eyebrows. A very soft eyeliner was used and eyelashes were added on the outer edges. The key to this look is to keep the face “clean” using the proper makeup base color and applied evenly over the skin. The blush should be a soft natural color and blended so as not to cause any hard lines. The balance of the soft eyes with bold red lips is covered in the previous post, “Balancing Red Lips In A Makeup Look”.

Lip Luscious” — Post by James Burns, Makeup Artist

Four Easy Steps To Get The Look Of Luscious Lips

Photography by Remy, Makeup: James Burns

Photo by Remy
Makeup: James Burns

  1. Hydrate.…a.k.a. drink your water and censure caffeine and alcohol intake. (These drinks dehydrate your system.
  2. Lightly exfoliate with a soft tooth brush. This helps to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation to the tissue.
  3. Seal in the moisture and protect the newly exfloiated tissue with products that contain SPF (Sun Protection Factor) Suggested products: Burt’s Bees Ultra Moisturizing, Blistex 5 Star Lip Protection SPF 30, Lypsyl Intense protection, Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm, SPF 20
  4. Look for moisture rich lip colors and glosses. Some can be drying and reverse the first three steps. Suggested products: Revlon New Instantly Moisturizing Color Stay — Ultimate Suede, Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss and Neutrogena Lip Soother, SPF20, L’Oreal Colour Caress Colour Rich, L’Oreal Colour Rich Balm 8 Hour Hydration, Maybelline New York — New by Color Sensational.

Hydrate — Exfoliate —  Seal In Moisture.
P. S. and by the way.…do not over exfoliate –you don’t want to damage your lips.
Post by James Burns

Balancing Red Lips In A Makeup Look by Jean Sweet

How do you balance the strength of red lips on a face? The classic fashion rule is to balance strong red lips with simple eye makeup. Harpers Bazaar reviewed popular looks from Spring 2013 Fashion Week in a post on their web site titled “Red Signals”.  When browsing through the images they shared as examples of runway makeup looks from fashion designer shows Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Akris, Missoni, Prada and Rochas I noticed that all the make up looks balanced the strong red lips with clean face makeup and eyes with neutral soft shadows and minimal eyeliner.

The rule of “strong lips — soft eyes” has been passed around between free lance makeup artists since I started as a freelance hairstylist/makeup artist in the late 80’s. It’s a great rule for balancing the makeup look for any face. The runway makeup and hair looks are created by top hairstylists and makeup artists — in collaboration with the fashion designers. These are the examples provided in the Harper’s Bazaar article:

Harpers Bazaar - Red Signals Article_Spring 2013 - Runway

Dunia-Cover-1987_Hair and Makeup by Jean Sweet

Hair and Makeup by Jean Sweet 1987
Dunia, Madrid,Spain

A blast from the past — I was the hair/makeup artist for this Dunia Magazine cover from 1987. I was using the rule — red lips and minimal eye makeup! At that time I had to make sure I applied the makeup base to cover the under eye darkness — because the magazines did not retouch the images. With the advent of digital imaging came retouching — and as a makeup artist and photographer I sure love it. But even retouching cannot mask a poor camera ready makeup job. It’s all in the balance of the look the makeup artist creates for the model.

My associate, James Burns, created the makeup looks for the editorial, “Cultural Revolution”. The story begins with a classic “Marilyn Monroe” look — what we think of as the blonde bombshell. For the makeup James wanted to use the classic glamour makeup and he gave the model red lips.

Photography and Hair - Jean Sweet_Makeup-James Burns_Hot-Hair'sHow-Magazine

James Burns created the makeup for “Cultural Revolution.”

James Burns is a freelance makeup with over 25 years experience as a celebrity and fashion makeup artist. During that time, he has done the makeup-up for photographic editorial or television appearances for many celebrities including Joan Allen, Cindy Crawford, Paul McCartney, Diane Norville, Elzabeth Shue and Lauren Hutton. James is giving a hands-on makeup technique seminar for professional makeup artists on Monday, May 20 in Jean Sweet’s Studio, Chicago Illinois. (contact Jean Sweet for details)

–Jean Sweet

Academy Awards — Red Carpet Hairstyles by Jean Sweet

CBS-News_Oscars2013-hottest-trends-red-carpet-looks_Reese WithersoonModern Salon_/Amanda-Seyfried-Oscar2013_Hair-Marc Mapile, Photo- Jason Merritt

 Long Sexy Waves or Loose Chignon?

The year of 2013 at the Academy Awards is still the event to speak “glamour”. The loose chignon with it’s twists and turns is always a hit on the red carpet. This year a few celebrities took their chances with wearing long sculpted waves. Modern Salon reported on the most popular hairstyle of the night — Amanda Seyfried’s coiffed chignon hairstyle.

Jennifer Lawrence-Oscar-Winner2013

Jennifer Lawrence wore her hair in an understated chignon which was a great choice since she wore such an elaborate gown. Catherine Zeta Jones and Reese Witherspoon opted for the long romantic waves. Great night for classic hair! — post by Jean Sweet
Catherine Zeta Jones - Deep Waves_About.comrbk-oscars-hairstyles-2013-reese-witherspoon-lgn